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No matter how careful you are about what goes into your sewage or water pipes, there is still lots of ways for a clog to form. Over the course of time, many substances that are put into the drains will start to build up and form a clog. No matter how slight, any grease from pots, pans or dishes that are put into the drain will slowly congeal and other substances such as hair or food particles can get stuck in the build-up of grease and increase the size of the clog. There is an easy and inexpensive fix to this common problem and that is a process known as drain jetting.

Drain jetting is the process by which a plumbing company will use a special pressure washer is used to shoot water into the pipes to safely remove the clog. These pressure washers are specially designed to  remove the clog from sink, tub and shower drain pipes. The desired water pressure to perform the job is between 2500psi and 4000psi. These high pressure washers normally have adjustments that can set the pressure to match the needs of each individual job. The nozzle is designed to allow you to place it directly inside the drain and the surfaces of the pipes are scoured clean. All of the loose debris that is cleaned from the inside of the pipe is then removed with the help of a vacuum pump.

Most drain pipes including municipal storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems can be cleaned with this process. Industrial piping, even those with long distant pipes, can effectively be cleaned with drain jetting. Apartment complexes, restaurants and industrial parks that have their own maintenance can benefit from drain jetting.

While this is a dirty job, it is an important one that should be performed so that the pipes will continue to function as they were designed to and without getting clogged thereby causing a mess. No one wants to have to replace the sewer or drain pipes when they could easily have them cleaned by a professional plumbing company. It is far less expensive to get the drain jetting service than to replace the pipes.

Grease traps at restaurants are especially susceptible due to the nature of the materials that is put into them to becoming clogged. Drain jetting is a vital part of the maintenance for any restaurant. CONTACT US to find out about our Scheduled Maintenance Plans.


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