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We all know that hard water is a fact of life here in Central Florida, but that doesn’t mean that we have to put up with it. There are many benefits to having a water treatment system installed by our professional technicians at Heichel Plumbing. Hard water can not only lead to a significant build-up of scale, it can also damage the heating elements in some water heaters. It can have a negative effect on the efficiency of many appliances that are attached to your plumbing.

There have been many tests conducted on hot water heaters, dish washers, clothes washers and low flow showerheads. We can discuss the many issues that can be caused by hard water in these machines on how effective they are at doing the job that they were designed to do, but also on the energy usage of these various machines.

Water Heaters:  No matter if the hot water heating system is gas or electric, the amount of scale will build up over the course of time. This can lead to pipes becoming plugged up with sediment and this can cause the hot water heater to use more energy to keep the water heated to the set level. On electric water heating systems, the life of the heating element can be shortened due to the scale buildup which increases the operating temperature of the element. Without softened water, gas storage tank water heaters should operate with the original factory efficiency over the predicted lifetime of the system. Hard water can result in as much as a 24% loss of efficiency in hot water heaters.

Shower heads and Fixtures: When they are attached to a system of softened water, a shower head will retain it’s original flow for the life of the product. When hard water is run through the same models of shower heads, the flow rate was decreased by 75% in a little less than 1.5 years. That means that a low flow shower head can’t maintain the specified 1.25 gallons per minute flow rate due to the strainers becoming clogged with scale.

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